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Nimish Shah, MD

Anesthesiology Specialist

Doctor Nimish Shah is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained pain medicine consultant who is kind and courteous. He does not rush his patients and all his patients love his bedside manner. Dr. Nimish Shah is board certified in multiple specialties including two Pain Medicine boards the American Board of Pain Management, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, American Board of Anesthesiology and Surgery.

Doctor Nimish Shah has completed his fellowship training in Pain Medicine at the University of California Davis. He has dedicated his practice to evaluating and managing many challenging pain patients where others have failed. He has had a private practice in Southern California for nine years and has helped thousands of hopeless and desperate pain patients.

Doctor Nimish Shah spends ample time with his new patients and follow-up patients to make correct evaluations and diagnoses. He develops a close relationship with his patients to help them through their most difficult times. A considerable amount of his time is spent evaluating the patient and reviewing previous medical records to prevent unnecessary treatments or procedures.

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